Dome/Observatory data via API

Hey gang!

I’m working on a bit of an “Observatory Status Console” thing, with weather info, device info, power info, and so on. Got just about everything except…the roof. :slight_smile:

I can ask SGP what the scope, camera, guider, focuser, and filterwheel are doing…but can’t ask it if my roof is open or closed.

I’d like to request Observatory be added as a device to SgGetDeviceStatus, or perhaps new endpoints created for SgGetDomeAzimuth, SgGetDomeAltitude and SgGetShutterStatus, or something similar.

I’d be much obliged!

Going to bump this once, in the hopes of a reply. :slight_smile:

We plan on making some pretty extensive changes to our API. However those are likely to be 1-2 years out. Possibly sooner, but probably not much.


Hey Jared,

Yeah, I’d read about those plans…was honestly hoping what I was asking for wasn’t that heavy of a lift, and could be dropped in sooner. It seems, on the outside looking in anyway, as though it would’d take much to tell the existing API framework and calls to simple…look at the Obsy too?

But hey…I make my living doing this stuff too, and know what it’s like when the person on the outside thinks THEIR project is special, and shouldn’t take you long. So I probably shouldn’t be that guy. :slight_smile:

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