Dome Rotation N'Sync With Scope


Can you have the dome and the scope rotate at the same time when moving to a new target? At present the scope moves first and then once the scope has finished moving the dome will move (about 10 sec after the scope is finished moving). Apparently Prism allows for the dome/scope to move simultaneously so can SGP do this as well?

Just a thought…check the update frequency in the slave settings.

The mount and dome run simultaneously using SGP and Lesvedome, don’l know about N’Sync.

Sorry about that. I am not using “N,Snc”, meant to say “in sync”. I am using NexDome for dome control through SGP.

FWIW - with my Exploradome/Foster Systems (AstroMC) dome control, I usually let AstroMC do the AZ calculations (control dome slewing). And the scope and dome slew at the same time. Unless I “Enable Slew Delay” in AstroMC.

However, I can’t remember what happens when I set SGP to do the Az calculations. Will have to try that next time I’m out and report back. If the clouds ever go away!


As mentioned SGP can do this, but SGP needs to be the thing controlling your Dome and Mount. If you’re slaving outside of SGP then we can’t move them together.


Hey great! So if I use a program like Stellarium to move the scope then I will get the dealy (which I do), but if I use say the Mosaic Wizard to get the coordinates and then slew within SGP then things should move at the same time?