DomeSync 1.1 compatibility

Since my first installation of SGPro I had problems with the telescope dome synchronization with both Lesvedome and POTH. Normally, I had problems with the ones pointed in the eastern part of the dome. After a long time invested in testing, I finally found Domesync 1.1 from Hall’s Harbor observatory ( that goes perfectly and seems to use a different position calculation algorithm than usual based on the SideOfPier. Is there any possibility of integrating Domesync or its calculation algorithm into SGPro?

Seems like this just masks poorly created telescope drivers. What scope are you using?

I’m not sure how we’d integrate with it unless it exposes an ASCOM driver…and in that case there really isn’t anything for us to do with it.


Thanks Jared. Paramount ME with Thesky and ASCOM 2X Mount Adaptor. I tested with Thesky6 and TheskyX and also with POTH and I always had the same pointing errors of the dome window in the eastern part and the meridians. With DomeSync everything is perfectly fine.Keith Walker (from Hall’s Harbour Observatory) tells me that he is working on an ASCOm driver so we will have to wait then.