Don't change target when resetting sequence

I have several targets in a sequence, and if I’m on, for example, target 3 and I reset the sequence, target 1 becomes the active one. Many times I haven’t noticed this until after I’ve already starting making changes to target 1, thinking it’s target 3.

Can a sequence reset leave the current target as the active one?


Yes ‘reset sequence, preserve progress’ or something like that.

Hopefully you put start / end times for all the targets.

The preserve progress option may do what you are after here, but resetting a sequence should, in fact also reset the active target or it seems as though it’s not really reset. That said, at the event level, you can always override default start behavior by telling SGPro, explicitly, where to start:


I can add this setting at the target level also where it will just automatically pick the first active event in the target.

I looked at the options more closely. I have been doing a CTRL-R (sequence reset) because it’s easy to do, but what I really want is to reset the progress of the current target. There isn’t a keyboard shortcut for that or an icon visible without first clicking something, however, if I right-click the gear icon next to the target I can then click “Reset progress”.

That suffices; Is there a way to “close” this feature request?

Not at the moment… it’s fine. Fwiw, I added a “set as current target” to the target context menu yesterday. Does the same thing as “Set current event”. I also added a keyboard shortcut for reset and preserve progress as Ctrl + Alt + R

Since I’m now using “Reset progress”, the Ctrl + Alt + R doesn’t help me.
It looks like all the R combinations are being use - Ctrl + R, Ctrl + Alt + R, and Ctrl + Shift + R, so there isn’t anything left for “Reset selected target progress”…

Is “Set current event” different than clicking on a target in the Sequence dialog box?

Not really sure what you are asking. It just sets the event that the sequence will either start on or move to next if a sequence is already running.