Double setup one mount

Hello folks,

I’m wondering if SGPro provides a double setup shooting. I want to shoot with two cameras, two filter wheels, two focusers and one mount, is that possible here? Or do i need to get another software for this situation? And if there is how to set it up? If any one has video that will be great


I believe you can run 2 instances of SGP have one control everything and the other control everything but the mount and disable autoguiding.

you will loose some images due to dithering (if you dither) and also meridian flip as the 2 instances of SGP won’t be talking to each other.

Well that may work but will sgp run the sequence without a mount set or guide?

It sure will. The only thing required is a camera.

Is there any possible way to set both sets in one page ? And is there any way to sync frame capture with dithering?

If by “page” you mean, the event table, then no. Each event table (each instance of SGPro only covers operation of a single camera).

Not at the moment. That said, dithering coordination is the primary bit of functionality we have added to our official (but unreleased) implementation of multi-camera rigs. The primary hold up, and what is preventing us from introducing this functionality into beta deals with system recovery. In other words, we either need to disable recovery for the secondary rig or we need to facilitate a method by which the secondary rig(s) may ask the primary to stop what it’s doing and start recovery.

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Great news, looking forward for the new release. wouldn’t be easier if you gave the first page of sgpro an option to connect the other pages that may help to ease the process of connection, meaning like the sheets system in Excel for example having the first rig to have sheet one and the rest (only cameras) will have sheet 2 and 3 - assuming that a person want to have more than 2 cameras- (not an expert just putting the idea out there)