Downloading a Mac version of SG

Hi. I just bought SG, because in the advertisement it mentions that it is compatible with Mac. However, when I try to download the program from the link I was sent through email, it only show windows downloads. I am strictly Mac user, so if the program is not really compatible I need to return this.

Thank you,


SGPro is not compatible with macs at the moment. Can you please tell me what advertisement states that it is?

Isn’t there some way using something called Boot Camp that enables you to run windows on a Mac?

There are several tools that will allow you to run SGPro on a mac and that’s not saying SGPro is compatible with MacOS. Maybe that’s what OP is meaning… maybe saw something that implied somebody could run SGPro on a mac.

For anyone future searching, these ways are:

  • Bootcamp on Intel macs. This is literally just full Windows running on Mac hardware.
  • A virtual machine like Parallels that will let you run Windows apps inside of MacOS. This can give the illusion that it is a Mac app.

For sure. You can run Boot Camp, but only on Macs with an Intel processor.