Dragonfly real fucionality

Hi, I still would like to know whats the real functionality of the ‘Dragonfly’ switches , for example I have it connected *green Icon’ in the switches as well it Dragonfly connected .

In Viking Switch, when connected I can observe inside the switches the word connected , the green icon is on and the different dragonfly coms, but in ‘Dragonfly in switches’ I click on it and nothing happens.

My second question, lets imagine that every works with Dragonfly in Switches, than what, how do I connect Dragonfly from here, in Viking I have total control when using Voyager, but when using SGP and Dragonfly in switches I do not see how I can use it when running SGP

Any light on how to make this work will be appreciated.


Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Ver: (32-bit)
.NET: 4.8

I am not sure I follow the question here, but if you want to see how switches should operate in SGPro using the ASCOM Switch Simulator is a good place to start. Are you asking how to determine if a switch device is connected in SGPro?


I think you indicate that you get this far… but I am not certain what this means:

What is it that you are clicking on? Clicking on the switch device header is not designed to do anything.

Again, I’m uncertain I fully understand what you are asking, but connecting to the Dragonfly only involves clicking on the red connect button:

Once connected, you can click on and edit any value in the “state” column. Please see the documentation here:


Thanks for replying, I might not explained myself to obtain the answer I am looking for.
Lets first distinguish the following
When i say ’ Dragonfly on the switch’ means the connection of Dragonfly ( the green icon) with SGP.
I am not sure if you use Voyager with Viking, but once Vicking is connected to Voyager it has full control of Dragonfly hardware, thus you can plan the session with guarante that Dragonfly with switch off the imaging equipment at the end of the session through Voyager.
Now, with SGP switches and having a Dragonfly switch on, the only way i see using this function is having a script ( similar to Voyager scripts).
So my question was more on the real functionality and the switches , to have a fully automise using the switch.

This is a feature that will grow over time. Currently, the functionality of switches is certainly to be able to connect to and manually control all switches present on the Dragonfly… More importantly, switches can be integrated into the sequence at two points. At each of these points, you can set the state of all switches on the Dragonfly to whatever meets your needs. Specifically, you can set the state of all switches when the sequence starts and when the sequence ends. We have plans to add more integration points like “before” and “after” flat frame etc. We also need to add better control around delays and such so that, for instance, if a switch toggle power to the camera’s power supply, you can wait some pre-determined amount of time before attempting to connect the camera and start the sequence.