DSLR Battery Level


Would be handy to have a readout somewhere for the battery level of a DSLR.



What kind of DSLR? Canon / Nikon? I use to worry about this myself with my Canon T5i and ran out of power once during a sequence. I then looked for alternatives to the internal batteries. The DSLR SDK’s leave a lot to be desired (read as: nonexistent) support for battery level I’m told. There’s a thread on the BYE forum about this, but I just decide to purchase this http://astronomiser.co.uk/canonpowerpro.htm and now I’ve got all the power I need as I have a dedicated 12volt battery setup for the Camera.

I’d also love if this feature could be implemented at some stage. When I’m at a dark site, I already have enough devices hanging off my power bank, so it’s nice to power the Canon camera with its own battery. Even at home, I’m trying to keep the cabling to a minimum.

I imagine it would require a lot of changes through the application, but there’s no harm asking.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but i too would love this feature to be added. I have 3 batteries for my Nikon, which is more than enough for my needs, and saves on extra unnecessary cabling and it also keeps my limited power for other things like dew heaters.
Other programs (such as APT) offer this feature, so i would have thought it would be a simple enough thing to add?

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