DSO-Browser "error"

I can no longer import my observing list from DSO to SGP ver. When I try, I get this message “error importing data”

This my list https://dso-browser.com/list/875349e1

  • John
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I run the most recent version but have the same issue. Error message: The image specified did not return any valid location data! Make sure the image has been solved properly by the host system.

I have to roll back to ver. to make it work, otherwise I get an error message and the SGP closes.

very frustrating - i have the same problem - also uninstalled and reinstalled the program as well

URGH- hope they fix it before the next new moon…

Is there help on the way? here is a log file…


The last time I had an error importing from DSO browser it had to do with my region settings I had to change the comma(,) to a dot(.) or the other way around. Just try and see if it helps?.

thanks but ---- What comma ???

I have
https://dso-browser.com/observing-lists/fXXXX with the numbers at the end
still crashing

If you are using Windows look at this

Hi Johan

they are the same as you show
unchanged from when this worked - i think DSO has changed something not SGP


I have contacted Sebastian(DSO Browser) and he believes that the problem lies with SGP … :confused:

Hi Karen,

Not sure what else to suggest. DSO was working 100% the last time I imported a target. That was about a week or two ago. I will check again tonight.

I don’t see how - it has only happened since the implemented the new multiple observing list options - Although maybe i am wrong - my old list stopped working and I have a new list location and it doesn’t work at all - I’ve sent an email to DSO as well - I guess I will get the same reply


lets see what SGP says … eventually…

could it be as simple as ???
When it should be

I’ve just rolled back a few versions - like John1 - it does work in the version - with this format https://dso-browser.com/observing-lists/XXabcd00. im keeping this version until the newer versions bugs are fixed.



Just got this when trying to list my Observation list on DSO, So I think the problem seems to be DSO. I also managed to get my list by hitting CTRL-F5 on Chrome forcing a refresh of the page. I will try tonight to see if I have any luck with SGPRO and DSO

Hi Karen,

I just tested loading What's in the Sky Tonight? into Sequence Generator Pro and it works 100%. Sorry I can not help any further.


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Hi Johan


It works in as well but not in any later version.