Dual Setup - Dithering support to both setups

Hi, I have set up a dual system, with telescope camera /focuser in a piggy back fashion on top of the main setup, I intent to use 2 instance SGP one with the complete upset and the smaller setup with the
telescope, camera and focuser.
The issue I believe is the dithering in the main camera that will affect/ mess-up the images in the smaller setup, so my question is (and I am sure that this might have been questioned previously) does the current SGP version support multi-cameras with coordinating dithering to both cameras, if not available is there plans to include this feature.


Dithering is pretty much obsolete. Most of the current image processing apps can eliminate hot pixels, column defects, meteor trails, etc.

Dithering, if used, should happen on every frame and that is time consuming.


Sorry? You don’t really mean that, do you?

Dithering has nothing to do with the removal of column defects.
Dithering has nothing to do with the removal of meteor trails.
Dithering is not primarily for removing hot pixels (removal of hot pixels should be performed by correct image calibration using a matching MasterDark).

Dithering is for removing fixed pattern nonuniformity.

Dithering definitely isn’t obsolete.


Totally agreed , dithering was developed by NASA and still integrate as part of imaging process nowaday, don’t know how you cames to that conclusion. Away i dont want to move from my main point.
If this could be part of a future SGP development, not only dithering will affect the piggyback setup, also the meridian flip for example.


The fixed pattern non uniformity of a modern CCD / CMOS chip typically contributes a few ADU to a image of thousands of ADU. This will not show up in the final image. However, if you feel dithering is needed for your setup, then you should dither your images.

I was simply suggesting that if you want to use a dual camera setup, you will need to stop dithering or live with lots of lost frames.

The difficulty of running a dual camera setup has been discussed extensively in this forum.


Again missing the point, i been doing astrophotography for a quite bit and know exactly the consequences for a dual setting. I just wanted to know from the developers if they have as a future development solution for dual setup in a similar way to that of Voyager.