Eagle Narrow from June

Eagle Nebula Narrowband, data from June 2014:

Astrodon 3nm Ha - S2 - O3
Paramount ME
Sequence Generator Pro

6.5 hours each filter.

Eagle Nebula Narrowband


Beautiful work,

Wow! That is really great work. I love how the pillars look almost ghostlike.

Wonderful! I am looking forward to getting some close to this quality. I’m expecting delivery of a new STT-8300M tomorrow, so I’m brand new to LRGB imaging. For your 6.5 hours each filter, how is that accomplished? One 6.5 hr image (that would be amazing) or say 20 x 19.5 min? How do you decide how long to image a given target? Can you recommend a good source for info on how best to image different targets? Thanks for any help on this.

You will like the STT, especially the cooling, which is just amazing, much better than any other camera I have used.

I almost always use 30 minute subs for narrowband. I typically will decide how much total time after I have looked at the first few subs. After while you can begin to get a feel for which level of S/N needs which amount of total time. Eagle is pretty bright so was toward the bottom of the total exposure scale. I have narrowband data from SH2-170 that I just finished and need to process that totals 71 hours and I am not sure if it is enough!

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