Elbrus threw an exception

I just installed SGP followed by Elbrus on Windows 10 Pro. When I right-click an image to run plate solve in SPG, Elbrus launches but before it completes the solve, it will throw the following error:

I am running SGP as administrator.

I found this post from last year and I think this could be my problem because I just had to do a system restore today, which required me to reinstall all my programs.

I also got this error on another occasion. But I think when this error occurred I may not have been running SGP as administrator.

Here is the full text from that window:

Elbrus_error.txt (11.3 KB)

@DonWalters We no longer support Elbrus in SGPro. We left it in for folks that already have working instances, but it occupies too much of our (limited) support time. Please use PlateSolve2 by PlaneWave as your primary solver.



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