Elephant Trunk in HaRGB 11.5 hr at f2.3


This image has the Elephant Trunk Nebula - IC1396.

The image is a composition of Ha and RGB exposures with a modified Canon T1i working on a C925 EdgeHD with hyperstar at f2.3. Mount is an iOptron CEM60.

The image has 11.5 hour total exposure distributed this way:

RGB: 5 hr (100 x 3 min) at ISO 800
Ha: 6 hr 50 min (39 x 10 min) at ISO 1600 for Ha

Captured with Sequence Generator Pro. It is the key factor to get so much exposure time: always centers target perfectly both at the beginning of each nigth and after meridian flips.

Guided with PHD2 and processed with Pixinsight.

Thanks for looking!



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