Email notification setup

Is anyone around the Ottawa area using email notifications with SG Pro? I use Rogers, and just can’t seem to get a successful test email sent. I just got off the phone with their tech support, and all my settings appear to be fine, but no luck sending a test email. Anyone in my area using Rogers for this?


Can you post all non private information you are using? Smtp server, Port, ssl etc

Hi Ken,
Here ya go…
SMTP user:
SMTP server:
SMTP port:465
Use SSL is checked.
My mail account password is the only piece of info missing from this list.


Well… that all looks good. The Rogers support page indicates that you should use a full “Yahoo! account address” to login with. I am assuming that a address is equivalent, but I am not sure.

Can you send a screenshot of your email setup window? Does the failure message say anything specific or just a generic failed? If not, you can search the log file for “Error sending test email” and you should find more detail there.

Alternatively, you could create a gmail account just for use with SGPro I guess. Maybe some other Rogers users have experience with this ISP.

Hi Ken,
Here is a iPhone pic of the email setup window and the failure email message. (easier than taking a screenshot). And yes a Yahoo account is the same as Rogers. They are affiliated.

And the only thing I have found in the log is an “error loading gns endpoint settings.” I see nothing related to the attempt to send an email, which I guess makes sense if it has no settings as to where to send it. I don’t know why it hasn’t loaded the endpoint settings. BTW, I do have the iPhone gns app communicating with the laptop using gns. I had downloaded gns, not knowing it was already in SG Pro, and went through their instructions to test the communications. I have since deleted the independent version on the advice of Jaime at GNS, and will use the version in SG Pro.


Can you please attempt to send the test email again and then send the logs?

Here ya go Ken.

sg_logfile_20150320041511.txt (15.1 KB) sg_logfile_20150320020911.txt (15.9 KB)


Hi Ken,
I just got an email from Jaime at GNS who told me that if I uninstall the GNS that I had downloaded, it may also uninstall the version in SG Pro. Unfortunately, I have already done this. Maybe that explains a few things…like no info in the log file about the test email attempts. Is there a way for me to reinstall SG Pro without losing all my settings and profiles?


SGPro does not remove profiles, but you will lose your settings (module placement, etc…)

That said, I cannot see how one would affect the other.