Enable Autoguiding During Plate Solve Frames

SGP actually already does this for the meridian flip routine, I’d just like to have this functionality all the time. I realize that the start/stop between plate solve frames would add some time to the overall routine, but since I typically only need 2 plate solve frames to be centered, it really isn’t an issue. It also avoids me from having to get up out of bed and sit at my computer, manually starting the autoguiding, whenever my scope goes to a new object in the middle of the night.

Thank you.

We are not worried about the time add here. Most plate solve frames are 5-7 seconds in duration. Can you expand on why you need guiding for frames that are 7-30 sec long?

I use ANSVR with SGP and use plate solving for my slewing. I’m in a unique situation because I use a DSLR and I do a lot of narrowband from home. After exhaustive testing, my plate solve exposures that work consistently for Ha and OIII are 60 seconds - longer than my mount can typically track unguided. Thus, when it’s time to do a new object (or meridian flip), I manually start the autoguider for each plate solve frame so that I get round stars and the plate solving will be successful.

I have attempted shorter exposures for this (15 or 30 seconds) but consistency fails and I need to be able to count on it working properly every time if I’m going to be able to sleep knowing that the plate solves will be successful without my intervention.

I figure this would be easy to implement because the Meridian Flip routine doesn’t stop guiding until AFTER it syncs, meaning it already does a guided plate solve frame at that time.

Quotes from conversation with Jared on June 2014:

We can take a look at adding that option. This will likely add a good deal of time to the plate solve task though…just FYI.

Me: I understand. However, given the two options:

(1) Wake up and sit outside for a while, trying multiple times to get a good plate solve when the mount keeps suffering from bad tracking, losing sleep

(2) Sleep right through, knowing the autoguiding will add some time yet make it so it plate solves the first time.

Not too difficult of a decision to make, in my opinion.


I can certainly understand that…just setting expectations.


I can’t remember if it’s easy. If it is, we will put this in a maintenance release… otherwise will accept it as unplanned. I’ll check shortly. Also… I assume you are referring to target centering when you refer to “plate solve”?

Yes. I’m referring to the routine where SGP slews, plate solves, syncs, re-slews, plate solves, etc. until the margin of error requirement has been met.