End of sequence parking issues Celestron CGX

I am trying to figure out how to have my Celestron CGX-L move to a parked position and stop tracking. Did not have this problem with EQmod but now with the Celestron it’s another story.

I have it now to where it will move to a ‘park’ or “home” position but after that it just keeps on tracking, I know that you can also stop tracking but that just stops where the mount is currently pointed. But evidently you cant do both.

The other morning I came out and found it against the hard stops in RA and pointing straight up collecting dust and dew.

Is a script required for this?

Right… we made these things mutually exclusive (park / stop tracking). I have never heard of a park that continues tracking. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of park?

Evidently the CGX or rather the Celestron ASCOM telescope driver does not stop tracking. Or at least it seems like it.

They have a command “Hibernate” that I think stops tracking.

I had park at end of sequence enabled and it keeps ending up in odd orientations.

OK, well, I think, for clarity, we will leave these two options mutually exclusive, but it is probably OK for SGPro to issue a stop tracking after the park command… almost all mounts will fail here (silently), but it shouldn’t hurt anything.

Someone came up with a good idea to have the park commanded on the last target, then a stop tacking for end of sequence, which would probably work, except for an aborted sequence, which I have fairly often.

Yep… not super-intuitive (in terms of setup), but that should work fine. I just added the code I talked about so next beta you should not have to do odd things like that. If somebody has a reason why a park command should keep the mount tracking, let us know and we will consider allowing park and stop tracking to work together.

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