End of session/night option

I’ve been using SGP with remote setups for years and normally image all night if possible.
I have set end sequence time, disconnect all equipment at end and run a scrip that powers off the gear at sequence end.
If there’s 1 hour of cloud during an otherwise clear night a lot of time is lost because of the power is turned off…since SGP can’t turn power on.

I have a suggestion to create a “pause” event to keep the gear ready if conditions turn from unsafe to safe, this would park the mount, observatory, warm up camera etc without running a end of sequence script.
The end of sequence script should only be run at end of sequence controlled by end time or if there’s no more targets (use choosable option)

This already happens… well there is no “pause” event, but SGPro will keep the gear “warm” if you are set to restart on safe. Or maybe, I’m not understanding

Oh, I missed the part about the script. We can take care of that…

The thing is that SGP always runs “end of sequence” at the “pause” during unsafe now, by using a script at end of sequence to turn of the gear it will of course not be able to start imaging again.

I would like the end of sequence script to only be run at the time set, not when it pauses due to unsafe.

I believe this would make a lof of sense to other people setups too

Ok. Maybe later on this for all the options. For 3.1 I will add a simple option that runs the script or not on UNSAFE. The script will always run when the sequence is terminated.

Exactly what i’m after :+1:

This works perfectly as intended, thank you!

Since there is a “global” end of sequence at time option i think it would it make sense to have the same for start of sequence? It would make it easier to keep track of the start time instead of having to adjust start time for the targets

Yes, this will get more attention for SGPro 4. This stuff for 3.1 is a stop gap. In fact, all of “Continuous Imaging” will get attention in 4.

Not entire sure if my question fits in, but this seems to be an appropriate thread. SGPro 3.1 does allow for an end of sequence script, but it is run BEFORE disconnecting all gear, which probably makes sense for most use cases. I am using a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box to provide power and data connections to all gear on the mount. Now I can use a script to remove power and USB from all at the end of a session, but would prefer SGPro to first disconnect all devices before I actually disconnect all of them from the PC running SGPro. Would it be possible for SGPro to trigger such a script AFTER disconnecting from all equipment?

SGP 4 will have Switch support so you won’t need a script…and it runs the switch operations at the very end of sequence. This work is already complete so I can guarantee it will be in SGP4. But we don’t have a release date for SGP4 at this time. We may start up a beta in the coming months…that is also unclear.

Thank you,

That all sounds very good Jared! Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.