End of the Line for SGPro 2.4

Just a few thoughts on future direction. I believe that 2.4.3 will be the end of the line for SGPro 2.4. We will still complete the list of items we committed to doing for the 2.4.X line and then we will move onto 2.5. Anything in the list below not completed for 2.4.2 will likely be in 2.4.3.

A reminder of that stuff here:


SGPro 2.5 will see some fairly interesting changes (to things like AF and multi-camera imaging and more).

A reminder of this stuff here:


You are still free to make requests… it is just unlikely that, if we accept them into the backlog, they will see the light of day until 2.5.X. A reminder of guidelines for submitting requests here:

Please feel free to comment or ask questions here.