Equipment disconnect: SGP never quit

Last night my focuser decided to disconnect for some reason and stop working during a focus routine. SGP never caught that it froze and continued to track. No big deal; I have limits for my mount and nothing was hurt. But, there should probably be some type of watch dog timer on events and if it doesn’t get a response, it should probably fail out and try do to an orderly shut down.


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Well… that’s a pretty nasty hang. Your focuser literally never handed control back to SGPro which means that SGPro was not able to execute any safety code around this event (there is a bunch). The only way to protect against this is to remove any blocking movement of the focuser from the sequence thread and add a watch dog over it. It is fairly invasive change to the AF routine so it will go out with a beta release (not the one from tonight).

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Glad I could make it as painful as possible :joy: