Equipment Profile associated with Sequence

How does one know which Equipment Profile Manager is being used for a sequence? On page 104 of Alex McConahay’s book titled “Using Sequence Generator Pro and Friends”, Figure 71 shows (and states in the text) that the header for the sequence provides the information for which profiles are being used. Does anyone know which SGP version that book was written against? Seems like it must be an older version. My SGP version does not show which profile is being used at the top of the sequence window. Is the information now located somewhere else?

That was removed from the header…because it was never really accurate. Consider the situation where you create a Profile, then use it to create a sequence. Then you update the Profile. The sequence does not update to use that profile so stating that the profile was used is now invalid. We decided to remove that from the header to remove the confusion here.


I’ve found the profile assigned to a sequence listed in the sequence profile file by viewing it in Notepad. In my case it is: “sProfileName”: “ST10-TMB130”. Regarding what Jared mentions about updating the profile, when I do that I’ll always reassign it to the sequence profile.

Can you please tell me where the sequence profile files are saved and what file extension is used?

Mine are located in Documents --> SGP I don’t see an extention for the sequence names but they are identified by the SGP icon. Attached is a screen shot of two such profiles. To open just select a profile and select ‘Open with’ and select Notepad.SGP profiles

Tools >> Options has the directory path. This can be set differently if you prefer:



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Jared, glad to see this explanation. I’ve been searching for a solution as to why the user and equipment profiles were not showing on the sequence title bar on an off for almost a year.