Equipment Profile Backup

I am on Vers: SGP I am looking for a way to make a backup of my Equipment Profile.
Everything is fine tune properly and a backup would be nice!



This help doc is on sharing profiles, but, it will show you how to get a hold of them and store them somewhere else:

I use a simple script to automate the backups.

echo “Backing up SGP profiles to c:\SGP-portable-backup”
@echo off
copy /Y “C:\SGP-portable*.sgf” “c:\SGP-portable-backup”
copy /Y “C:\SGP-portable*.sgp” “c:\SGP-portable-backup”
copy /Y “C:\SGP-portable*.sgu” “c:\SGP-portable-backup”

I personally just update the profile directory in SGP to point to a folder in my Dropbox account. Now they’re automatically backed up and I have some amount of history on them as well. Also they can be shared across multiple machines this way.


Thanks Guys!
I now have a good back up!