Equipment profile being reset

The top line of the Sequence window displays the sequence name, the equipment profile, and user profile in use. I’ve noticed that it the equipment profile gets set to “no equipment profile” for no apparent reason, for example, when I start SGPro and change the number of images to take. What should cause the equipment profile to be nulled out on a sequence?

I also noticed that when I apply a profile to a sequence it nulls out the user profile and I have to reset it. Is that normal behavior?

I’m running but have noticed this with other releases.

This behavior has been going on for many versions and has been reported numerous times. Same thing happens occasionally to the User Profile name. Even though they don’t show up in the title bar, they are being applied to the sequence so it’s not a major problem, just annoying.

It seems like the first save of a sequence after starting SGP often causes the equipment profile to be nulled out. I don’t recall that happening with prior versions. There are still other times the profile is nulled out, but I haven’t noticed any pattern.

I think this happens once you modify the settings in the control panel; if you set up a sequence using an equipment profile and then subsequently go into control panel and change something, say autofocus parameters, then I think SGP regards this as a new equipment profile and the original equipment profile does not show up in the window. That is logical. :vulcan_salute:

That case may be logical, but the profile is often also nulled out when saving the sequence right after opening SGPro, not having made any changes in the control panel.

I’ll have to check it out explicitly, as I normally tweak the settings in each sequence.

Eric - mine still keeps the profile name in the sequence titleblock, even if I save it, load it, etc. I do recall it being lost in the past, but that is usually because I’m fiddling with the settings during a sequence.

I too am finding that the User Profile is not ‘sticking’. I have SGP running on two remote rigs and last night found that my default User Profile would occasionally disappear in the title bar. What brought this to my attention is when I was using the ‘Planning Tools’ feature and discovered that I no longer had the nice, helful graphs because no user profile had been assigned. I also had a couple of problems with Plate Solve 2 failing on one of these rigs last night (again I have no idea if this could have been related to the no user profile issue).

This is on (I’ve not upgraded yet).

Yes, sadly I’ve been trying to track this down for a while. I’m not entirely sure what is causing it but I’ve seen it a couple fo times as well, but have yet to determine exactly while this is happening. Naturally it only crops up while imaging and not actively debugging.