Equipment Profile Manager Invalid Argument

Trying to use the manager to set up a profile, I brought SGP up with a previously loaded sequence that had the basic profile then immediately made a new profile for by “Save Sequence as Profile”. Tried to load the newly saved profile into manager and got an Invalid Argument error 2 - SelectedIndex. No devices connected. This sort of thing has happened before. Am I doing something I shouldn’t?


I forgot to give the link to the log:

It’s highly doubtful. If you can “do” something in SGPro, it shouldn’t be a pitfall. I don’t see the error you describe in the attached logs, but what may be more helpful anyhow is for us to take a look at the new profile. But… before you send that, can you tell me if the issue you describe happens every time? Even after restarting SGPro? Or does it happen just when you follow a sequence of events as you describe above?

If you can get it to happen all the time, it will be very easy to fix. If not… then we can likely still find it, but it’s a little bit more of an investigation. If the profile is perpetually broken, you can find the sgp file for it following this guide:

If the profile works sometimes, then there isn’t much use sharing it.

Ok. I’m posting my last message directly since my email reply didn’t get through. Is it because I embedded a screen shot?

Copy of email:

I replied to your email, but I see this message is not in the forum. Do I have to go to the forum to answer your emails?


On 11/1/2023 5:02 PM, Kent DeGroff wrote:

Hi Ken,

The error is near the end of the log:

[10/31/23 11:04:46.915][DEBUG][Main Thread][NONE] Error loading profile! InvalidArgument=Value of ‘2’ is not valid for ‘SelectedIndex’.
Parameter name: SelectedIndex

It seems to happen every time:


Here’s the profile:

Dropbox - QHY 268M,Sky Flats,G14,O5,2CMS,MPCC.sgp - Simplify your life


Thanks for the report. I have located and fixed the issue (regarding a failure to interpret dithering options when an auto guider is not part of the profile). I am going to try and make releases for 4.2 (this issues) and the 4.3 beta today.