Equipment Profile

I have just acquired a second filter wheel and have updated my Equipment Profile. I have a backup laptop as well and would like to copy the profile over to the backup machine. Is this at all possible?
Thanks in advance.

Yes you can. On your main computer navigate to C:\Users(username)\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Sequence Generator Pro
The profile should be located in that folder. Copy the profile(s) you want to the same folder on your other computer.

Also, if you are sing the 2.4 beta, you can manage your profiles in the options dialog:

Thanks Jared. I have 3 different O/S’s and the Application Data resides in different spots and how stupid of MS to put it under Hidden Files. Got it working on all 3 systems. Love SGP (and the support) and you have 2 more potential purchasers that I know of that soon will be acquiring your program. Thanks again!