Equipment Profiles Limited?

I’ve been using a AT65EDQ for quite awhile now on my Windows 7 laptop and SGP Recently I wanted to start using my AT8RC as a second - not default - profile. Everything else is the same. The problem is that when I go to use the profile, everything is reset to defaults. If I set up the 8" as default, my 65mm profile resets to defaults. It’s like it will only retain info for a single profile. It’s kind of inconvenient when I’m in the field and want to change scopes. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Maybe I’m doing it wrong?

It is hard for me to follow what you are trying to describe here. The profile system can support more than one equipment set (it would not be of much use otherwise). Can you please break this down into specific steps so I can understand your workflow? Something like:

  1. Open profile manager
  2. Click on AT65 profile
  3. Change something
  4. Save it
  5. Add AT8RC to the profile name field
  6. Change camera scale
  7. Save it
  8. Go to the file menu in SGPro and click New Sequence From Profile


Thanks! I went ahead and completely deleted the AT8RC profile, made my changes in the AT65 profile, then renamed it on top to AT8RC and saved it. Both profiles work great now!