Equipment Profile's migrating to new PC

Is there a way to get Equipment profiles move over to a new PC?


Yes. If you go to Tools/Options you can see where the default “Profiles
Directory” is. Go to that directory and copy those files to the same
location on the new computer.

Or you can do what I do. I maintain 3 computers such that when a change is
made to a profile on one PC the same is updated on the other two PCs as
well. I change the default profiles directory to something more accessible
or easy to remember, then I use a utility called FreeFileSync to mirror the
directories. When a change is detected in the folder on one PC the other
two PCs are updated to match.

Thanks works perfectly and makes sense …


I do something similar, but with Dropbox. Works well :slight_smile:


Doh! I didn’t think of Dropbox for this, even though I use Dropbox all the
time. Dropbox would certainly be easier than FreeFileSync but I use FFS
for other reasons on my local network.

I was interested in the FreeFileSync but last night after I downloaded the file to give it a try my antivirus software kicked in and stated the program was Adware so I did not install. Did you happened to know, is FreeFileSync Adware? I just want to make sure it’s clean before I install. I’m not interested in having any unwanted ads show up.


I would highly recommend Dropbox over FreeFileSync, only because it is MUCH
easier to use.
FreeFileSync is clean. I’ve been using it for a couple years now on my
home network to backup and transfer very large files between computers
(connected via ethernet). But for smaller files like the SGP profiles I’d
use Dropbox.

OK, DropBox sounds like a good approach.

Thanks All,

We use BitTorent Sync which is renamed resilio for our remote observatory for years between 1 PC and 2 NAS’s (Synology) never failed and works perfect.