Error 1722 with new installation

after a crash I have to install new SGP. Unfortunately, I get an error “Sequence Generator Pro Installer Information” Error 1722 … and so on.
Where is the problem?
I have Win7 64bit, for the first installation everything worked
cs Lars

That is failure to open the port SGPro’s API runs on. I would recommend restarting and trying again.

thanks for the quick response!
but somehow tells me nothing, so I’m not on.
can I find further details what needs to be done?
Thanks in advance, Lars


You are the first to ever report an issue like this so I don’t have any solutions at hand.

You could attempt to move your localization to US English to see if we missed something (although many with that setting not on English have been fine)

You could try temporarily disabling anti virus software that may look for software that deals with ports

hello together,
I have solved the problem, it was the NET.Framework.

  • Microsoft NET.Framework uninstalled
  • then microsoft NET.Framework (4.5.2) installed
    now can sgp again without fail to install.
    cs Lars