Error code when trying to focus with Canon 550D

Canon: Error in PropID_SaveTo. Error: EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE

I get this message when I try use the focus tool in SGP. Anyone seen it and know how to beat it?
The camera is definitely connected and there is even a save directory ready. But the focus tool apparently doesn’t save any of the pictures, it just shoots continuously for viewing purposes for focusing, right?
But when I press start, I get this message pop up.
I’m using a Canon 550D, an EQ6 and windows 7 with a 45 day trial of SGP.


That is correct.

As for the error can you post your log (you can find them from the help menu in SGP). I’m guessing your camera is in manual mode? Do you have a lens attached? If so is auto focus on or off on the lens (can you try turning it off)?