Error connecting to Celestron Telescope driver

I have installed the Celestron driver [Celestron(6.0.5604)Setup]. The USB/serial cable I’m using works with Stellarium.

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
SGP version - (Trial)
Log file -

The log states that the driver couldn’t find a telescope on Com1. Might need to set the correct com port in the driver settings. Also make sure you’re running both applications at the same level. For example, make sure you don’t have one running as administrator and the other running normally.


I am logged in as an Administrator. Here are the mount settings.

I now have it working on com2, thanks.

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Here’s an updated.
After about an hour if getting it to work on com2, the error came back. What I didn’t notice the first time it appeared is that there was an error being displayed on my hand controller. It was the dreaded “no response 16/17” errors. This error is known to signify the death of the motor controller board on the Celestron AVX mount. The motor board will have to be replaced.

Sorry to hear that Erick. Hope you get everything squared away.