Error Msg Concerning SGP API

I open SGP and connect to the SBIG camera. Then open PHD2 and connect to SGP API. Then try to loop in PHD2. At this point I get an error msg telling me that the device is not connected. There must be some setting that is wrong. What is it?

Connecting the camera in SGP does not connect the camera for PHD2. You have to connect the camera from PHD2 - not via the SGP API.

The instructions that come with SGP API say:

In your guiding application (PHD will be used as an example)

  1. Choose the “SGP API Guider” camera and click connect.
  2. If all goes well you should be able to loop exposures.
    So, it is not clear what you are suggesting I do.


Or, you can set up SGP to automagically connect using:


Then, when you Run Sequence, SGP will automagically bring up PHD2 and connect the equipment.