Error - Seq uses Auto Filter Override - Yet No FW in use

Sorry, it’s unclear to me what you are reporting. It seems like you’ll just need to uncheck that option in order to start the sequence.

No it prevented my from imaging completely. Notice there is No FW in use. In order to get beyond this and image, I had to delete all filter references in the Equipment Profile that were left over from a previous configutration.
Once that was done it allowed me to image.

Steve Hoffman

Oh OK, I understand. I was unsure if the question was around “why” you received the error or “how” to comply.

In this case, this is by design. There are literally hundreds of settings in SGPro and, in this case, SGPro is not attempting to guess which of your incompatible settings is “right” and so it issues an error. In other words, you have asked the sequence to manipulate the CFW during the sequence but have provided no CFW. It does not assume to understand the intent here.