Event plan finished but it seems to have defaulted to Ha more often than Luminance filters?

This is a slightly wierd one! I was trying an imaging run on NGC 5139 again

  1. 10 x 2 min Luminance shots at 0 gain
  2. 10x 2 min Luminance shots at 100 gain
  3. 10x 2 min Red shots at 240 gain
  4. 10x 2 min Blue shots at 240 gain
  5. 10x 2 min Green shots at 240 gain

The red green and blue shots all worked fine and each has the filter name embedded in the light frame name; the Luminance shots don’t have Luminance in the light frame name and several seem to be missing or named Ha???

The PC crashed a bit later - so I will try again and watch notifications carefully (I had to remove an old 1TB drive that was unused but likely just about to die and casuing 100% disk access and clogging up Windows 10 - after its removal everything flew).

So I don’t know if this behaviour is a bug (missing file name) or a Luminance filter change fail and I missed a whole lot of alerts (I didn’t see any) or some other issue. As of now I have no idea how I got Ha shots from a Luminance run? Nor why the Luminance frames don’t have Luminance in the name?

Any ideas?

Thanks, Matt

O/S Windows 10 PRO
SGP - latest 64 bit release

Re-runing - checking for operator error - which is extremely likely with a new user! I have added the %fe title - and now it is showing the Luminance filter name - so I am wondering if I misse dthat why the Red, Green and Blue filter names appeared?

But so far the imaging run is progressing beautifully (on just the Luminance filter at two different gains for 30 shots - when it is down to 10 shots I will add the Red, Green and Blue filter images back in!