Events exposure time messed up when loading saved project .bug

Hello all!
The exposure time in events is always messed up when loading a previously saved project.
Steps to reproduce (at least in my case)

  1. Create a new sequence
  2. Set up some events with various exposure times (it does not matter if i choose from the predefined list, or if its minutes second and what not)
  3. Save the sequence on disk.
  4. Load the sequence
  5. Exposure times in events are now either 0. or seconds with a dot at the end making the sequnce unusable.

It is happening on 2 different pc’s , both win 7 64bit.

Anyone seen this before?

What region are your machines set to? What version of SGPro are you using?

Good morning Ken!

SGP Version : (registered)
Region : Greece
screenshot attached for the decimal settings, in case it helps

Thanks for the report, this issue has been fixed and will be released with 2.4. In the meantime, I believe you can work around this issue by ensuring all your exposure entries end with “,1” or some other fraction (like 600,1). Either way, 2.4 will likely be released soon.

Thanks for the trick, it works!
Merry Xmas :smile: