Exposure times change in saved sequence

Yesterday I resumed a sequence which I saved a few days earlier. It contained 3 exposures (R, G and B) of 10 minutes each. After loading the saved sequence SGP ended this very fast; it turned out that the exposure times of “10 m” as I selected before, changed to “600” without anything after that (normally it would say “s” for seconds or “m” for minutes).
I ended up with exposures of zero seconds.

First, can you please post a log file?

Second, not having the “s” after 600 should not have had any bearing on the exposure time. If it said 600 that would by default mean 600 seconds as the “s” is not necessary (I think).

Third, just to make sure, were there unfinisehd exposures left on each filter? I.E. completed 6/10 or something like that?

Just upgraded to the latest version of SGP and still having the some problem.
Hope to be able to post a log file soon here, and yes, there were unfinished exposures left.
At this time, also the latest version has this problem. Last weekend I upgraded my PC from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32 bit ultimate version). After saving a new sequence (without any exposures left) and re-opening it, the “10 M” changed to “600”. When I start this sequence all exposures are made with an exposure time of zero seconds.