External script parameters

I’m new to SGP, so if there is some better way to do this I would be excited to hear about it.

For frame capture performance reasons triggering other cameras I need to use the script function on the event to trigger a camera and capture frames. In my case I’m using a non ascom camera interface.

I imagine others might use this for external data acquisition, or use the post event script for automatic processing of external frames (eg: go add this to the master flat!)

It would be extremely helpful if this external script could have parameters passed to it akin to the filename naming. Exposure, gain, filename, repeat, etc etc.

Icing would be if it was also able to determine success or failure of the script, so the system could pause or stop in case of error or fault.

I don’t completely understand what you’re after, but you can use the scripts in SGP to trigger frames in other applications or through something you’ve created proving whatever type of script you write has access.


Yes. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to pass into that script parameters. See how file names are handled.%se means exposure time, etc

C:\take_photo.bat --exposure=%exposuretime --repeat=%re --gain=%gain --offset=%offset --basefiename=%filename

Correct, the scripting is generally to handle less complex things like opening/closing flat boxes or turning power on/off vs firing off exposures in other instances. Probably the best you could hope to accomplish would be using the API and controlling multiple instances of SGP through the API. But you’ll be controlling the hardware rather directly and won’t have much sequence control at that point. Basically you’d be writing your own sequence engine and just using SGP to access the hardware…so SGP wouldn’t really be doing much for you.

We’ll consider adding the ability to pass event/sequence level information to the scripts though.


it would greatly enhance the function of your tool. We are using it to take short frames, fast, frames and SGP is extremely slow at doing this. (many seconds of overhead). We can get 5 frames per second out of Sharpcap, so trying to figure out how to trigger it and manage it is extremely important.