F&M Wizard - Stars no longer found ! Ver

Hello all,
In the past, as well as using the Framing & Mosaic Wizard to bring up Deep Sky Objects & clusters, I have also used it many times to bring up actual Stars using their HIP identification No. Here is a typical example that SGP saved to my computer:

HIP 81693; RA=16.69, DEC=31.60; FOV=4 (19/10/2015 15:38:49)

The above is what has been stored on my system and its one of the stars in the Hercules constellation

Entering ‘HIP 81693’ in the ‘Object box’ and hitting ‘Fetch’ used to bring an image up with the said star at the center of the fetched image but it doesn’t seem to do ‘HIP’ objects any more, I get an error box as follows:

Here’s the Log in case it’s relevant:

sg_logfile_20160127181615.txt (20.1 KB)

Went on the SINBAD site and put in HIP 81693 and a whole host of data comes up. So why isn’t SGP managing to get the ‘HIP’ object any more when it used to before ???


Seems like the was a small change to SIMBAD 1.4. SGPro has been updated to understand this and can lookup DSOs and HIP stars now (next beta).


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