F&MW= Meridian flip fail?

A couple outings ago, I had the meridian flip fail on me. My mount, Celestron CGE, has a very small window for a flip before it hits the mechanical stops and shuts off the tracking motors. I have a GPS attached to the mount and my laptop and the mount both showed the same time but the mount ended up tracking too long and the motors stopped which lost the guide star causing SGP to stop and the final image was a star trails image. The only thing I can think of is that I set the target up a couple weeks in advance using the Framing and mosaic wizard.

My question is, If I set up a sequence weeks in advance using the F&MW, when it comes to the imaging evening, is the meridian time still being used from the time the sequence was created or does SGP re-calculate the time of the flip to the actual date the sequence is started?

SGPro sequences only store static location data. Stuff like that is literally calculated anew between every frame in the sequence.

Thank you,Ken
I’ll have to dig a little deeper to try and see why the mount did’t flip.

Your mount as got safety limits make sure your limits are set to 100 per sent on your mount that can cause a fail on your meridian flip i allow about 6 min on the meridian flip if that helps.

My mount has mechanical hard stops and can not physically go more than 6 minutes past the meridian. I’ve never changed any of the limits in the Mount software and have had several successful meridian flips prior to this failure. I have it set to flip 2 minute past meridian and was taking either 3 or 5 minute subs ( I can’t remember exactly) so for some reason SGP thought it still had enough time to complete the last sub.

I was having issues before as the Mount would report it had flipped a little more than one minute before it actually got to the meridian. Updating the firmware in the hand controller solved that issue.

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