Faded reference images

Sometimes in the framing and mosiac wizard when I ask it to fetch the image I ask, the image is faded and sometimes it is not. Why is this?

An example of this is when I asked it to fetch me an image of the Horsehead nebula, it gave me a nice crisp dark image where the Horsehead is clearly visible. However, when I asked it to fetch me an image of M34, the image it gave me is faded and it is harder to see the stars in the reference image.

This seems to come up often…
You can adjust the histogram sliders to adjust the black point and white
point to your liking. I almost always have to raise the black point.

The reason you see a difference between the Horsehead and M34 is because
the horsy is way brighter and has a huge dynamic range. M34 is mostly
black with stars.

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Shame you cant set it to apply an auto stretch like it does when a sub comes in while imaging

What really annoys me is the image looks good quality when it arrives, but, if you zoom in or rotate
then the quality goes BANG GRRrrrrrrrr


If you have “Auto Stretch” checked on the histogram SGP will auto stretch the image. The problem is that a lot of the survey images have odd artifacts in them that throw off the stretching algorithm.