Fail meridian flip because mount is not tracking

Yesterday for the first time the meridian flip fails because the mount is not tracking, all works fine until the meridian and, obviously, the mount was tracking.

I attach the log file (115.6 KB)

You may need to check with the telescope driver author, he will probably need a log from the telescope driver.

The meridian flip slew is done at [01/18/18 02:21:29.179] and finishes almost a minute later, This is long enough that the slew was a real meridian flip. No errors were reported and if the mount was not tracking at this stage then there should have been an error.
After the flip an image is collected, plate solved and an attempt to sync is made. This fails because the mount is not tracking:

[01/18/18 02:23:12.372][DEBUG] [Telescope Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Invalid Operation Exception in Sync : SyncToCoordinates() RaDec sync is not permitted if moumt is not Tracking.

There’s no obvious reason why the mount should not be tracking at this point but you never know, maybe something has sent a command to the mount to stop tracking. That’s why a telescope driver log will be needed.

Definitely a bit strange because the attempts to centre continue. The slews succeed but the syncs fail. If the driver is not tracking the both the slews and the sync should fail.

It is very strange also to me, in that moment the system is totaly controlled by SGP and I suppose it doesn’t sent a stop tracking message. The mount is the classical neq6 controlled by eqmode.
I think that the only other software that could sent this type of message is the Scopedome application, I’ll check as soon as possible its log.

I check the meridian flip this night and the problem is the meridian limit, the eqmod block the mount and stop the tracking.
I think that setting the “minutes past meridian to flip” to seven minutes it could avoid the problem

I’ve got my limits set to 10 mins either side of the meridian, works perfectly although may be viewed as excessive by some for an NEQ6-Pro and an F4 Newt !

Some people I’ve seen set limits between 1 - 4 mins past meridian.

These limits are there to protect against your scope hitting your mount, the longer your scope is the shorter the TIME past the meridian will be possible in certain DEC positions. Long refractors are most at risk.

The most important thing here, when your mount gets to that time you choose to set, allow EQMod to stop the tracking, release your DEC clutch and spin your scope around the DEC axis to ensure your scope tube (or anything attached to it like camera’s etc) doesn’t hit the tripod legs at any DEC position (if you use a tripod that is). Ensure your scope and mount is fully loaded up and correctly balanced the way it will be when you are imaging as the extra weight in certain places will affect how your main scope tube is locked to your mount.

Don’t take risks, be sure !