Failed plate solves with Ioptron CEM40

The plate solves with my Ioptron CEM40 are failing with PS2; the blind solves have worked, but the problem is that I do not have good Internet access from the mount location, which seems to be required for the blind solves. I think the essential problem is that the initial slews to the target are too far off for the PS2 solves to work. I checked pixels, scale, etc. (I have no problem at all with an AP mount.)

How can I get the blind solves to work without Internet access? Any other suggestions?


You need ANSVR which sets up a local Astrometry.Net running on your machine that you can then point SGP to:

You then need to select the Local option for the blind solver in SGP (assuming you use the default port for ANSVR):


I installed Astrometry.Net. It shows up as an application. Where is the file located, and how do I point SGP to it? Is this in Blind settings?

I think I might have it. I will try it tonight to see it if works. Thanks!