Feature Request: Add button to download MFW images for all targets in sequence

Would it be possible to add a button that downloads and caches reference images for all targets in the current sequence for use in the framing and mosaic wizard. This would be great if you are going to be imaging from a site without internet connectivity and would like to use the mosaic and framing wizard. I know you can do this by one object at a time now but it would be great to get all targets with the click of a button.



I like the idea, but we would have no idea of knowing what FoV you are after. We could probably ask, but I’m not sure how it would work.

I was thinking the fov could be an input on the form. In my case I would go for 4 deg as that gives a good margin around the primary object for my 1 deg fov. If I was doing a mosaic I’d likely request a bigger fov…

Doesn’t the equipment profile already know the imager’s sensor size and imaging scale? Couldn’t it be worked out from that?

The specifications of your equipment are irrelevant. We have no idea how large you want to mosaic canvas to be.

Yes, but the MFW already has input for what size image you want to download. I thought Peter was intending his feature request to be for each target in a sequence - ie single image. Rotation would be a factor for those who don’t have rotators, so I guess that’s what you might need a downloaded image larger than the size of your image scale. Apologies if I’ve misinterpretted the questions etc.