Feature request: debayered stretched images


Since I began using SGP a few years ago, I’ve always appreciated the stretch functions of the acquired images as the sequence progresses.

Now, for us, OSC imagers (an DSLR imagers as well), it would be really helpful if the stretched image would be debayered as well, since it would help to see details that can help you decide if things are evolving as expected. No need of modifying the file; just a debayered stretch.

I’m sure this would be a highly appreciated feature to add to SGP.



Any answer from the developers?

Alfredo - this is not a new request and it seems like a good idea. I run both mono and CFA cameras, right now as it happens. I think this is one of those things that is not as useful as folks might at first think. For instance, if I take a single CFA image and debayer and stretch each of the channels to differing degrees to get rid of effect of LP (using PixInsight) of a very popular galaxy, I get this:

A stretched stack of 30 hours of calibrated, registered and stacked images is no more colorful without extensive manipulation.
I find it more useful to use the framing and mosaic wizard, even for single frame images. It shows you the object clearly and you can precisely frame it and use the slew and centering to nail it every time.

Hi Chris

I’d find it useful if the last captured image would be shown debayered with unlinked stretch (similar to
STF in Pixinsight), without modifying the saved file. Just for display purposes.

A nice to have addition, and probably not a must have.

I don’t know if it implies a code modification that affects any other aspect of the software.

I guess it is not something you would do while imaging - just takes up unnecessary time and processing resources but maybe for frame and focus while planning the composition?

Most likely, and also to check image quality as well…