Feature request: exposure times

Would it be possible to customise the list of available exposure times in sequences? It makes more sense to me for exposure times to be more in line with a binary type number sequencing - 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 and so on. This fits better with photographic theory of stops etc. I know we can type our own for each sequence, but for convenience would be nice to have our own default drop down list.

I’ve been thinking the same thing - it would be nice to have a list you could configure that would then appear as the drop down list.

Did this feature request hit the radar for possible future releases?

It would be nice to have a dialogue where you could configure a list of default exposure times that would then appear on the exposure time drop-down in the sequence window.

Probably not. The defaults suit most people. Having evenly divisible binary exposure times makes no difference when processing an image. We have a pretty large backlog of other items to consider.

Also, just as a note, this would have never been considered since it was not in the Feature Requests category.