Feature Request: Rotator Park on end of sequence

Hey there Devs-

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a “rotator park” feature added so that the rotator would park itself, then the mount would park at the end of a sequence. The rotator park is important for large filter wheels because that’s the only part of my setup that is likely to hit the pier on park. If I could set an angle for the rotator in the end of sequence steps that’d be awesome.

My setup generally runs until SGP gives up due to clouds or some other issue, then parks. It rarely works through the entire sequence, so I can’t just have an entry at the bottom of my sequence to set the rotation.


Instead of parking the filter wheel in a certain position it would be much safer to change the park position to be horisontal

My park position is horizontal. If the scope is pointed very high in RA, and very low in the south, then RA will park to the horizontal position, and the Dec will rotate basically straight up, then straight north. That passes the wheel/OAG almost directly in contact with the pier. I have maybe an inch to spare, and I’m using my small filter wheel. If I use my Maxi wheel (11 1.25" filters) then the filter wheel MUST be rotated to a safe position before parking. I’m investigating the ascom scripting that was mentioned above, I think that would be a good way to solve this. But parking the rotator as part of the parking process would be awesome.

Any thoughts on this? It would be nice to not have to worry about my guide camera impacting the pier when parking.

My park position is horizontal. I don’t see how that would make things safer…

Adding my support for the request.