File Naming Pattern reports -500C Ambient

Hi Gents,
sorry for this bother. As you can see from the attached image I’m getting only -500C for the ambient temperature. I note that SGPro continually reports the accurate ambient temp on the Focus Control docking module.
My focuser is the Starizona MicroTouch. All my equipment and relevant software is listed in my profile.
Thanks for your help.

You are using an outdated and unsupported version of SGPro. In addition to this, ambient temperature as part of the file name is only available in the 2.4.3 beta so I am unsure of what you are referring to in a version.

My mistake.
This should be the correct link.

That makes more sense. Unfortunately, I cannot recreate the issue. I made one small change, but I have no idea if it will work since I have nothing to test it on…

Thanks for the look. I’ll try your update as soon as it’s available.

Hi Guys,
With this follow-up I’m using v2.4.3.7 (vs. the previous v2.4.3.3). This version does report a real number for the ambient temperature. But now I have a question on the focuser position.
I’ve included the SG log files for Sep 22-23 and 23-24, and the NGC7023 Sequence. There are also two file name snapshots for the same nights. These show the images’ names along with their order of creation, reported focuser position and reported temperature.
My start-up routine is:

  1. manually slew to a focusing star near the target (Deneb in this case).
  2. focus with a B-mask using the Lum filter
  3. start the Sequence. The program slews the scope to the target (NGC7023), goes through its centering routine (using Lum filter), and does an auto-focus (using Lum filter).
  4. SGPro then changes to the designated filter (Blue in the case of Sep 22-23, Ha in the latter case) and adjusts the focuser based on the filter offsets.
  5. AF is set up to activate after a filter change, a 1C temperature change, and after five (5) exposures.

For both the File Names images the fpos value persists one image past autofocus. This appears to be a bug.
For “File Names Sep 22-23”, there is surprisingly no temperature change for the whole evening. So the AF occurs before the first file and then after each 5th image. Consequently, the first file should read 29258 (vs. 29368). The sixth file should read 29408 (vs. 29258) and so on.
For “File Names Sep 23-24”, there is a steady decline in temperature over the session. AF occurs about every 3rd image. And the fpos value persists to one file past the AF. There is one exception to this, and that is on file no. 4. There was an AF between no.3 and 4, and the fpos value changed as you would expect.

For me, the ability to track the data with the file name is useful. However, I appreciate this is fairly trivial compared to the other things you are doing.
Thanks again,

Yes, I didn’t think about this, but the file name is formed prior to AF so that will happen. Will re-order some things to get these to sync up.

Makes sense.
Thanks for looking at this.