File naming

I there any way to save the camera temperature (%ct ##.#) to whole numbers with no decimal place, ie: %ct ## ?

Not at the moment.

Thanks Ken. Not sure why I need fractions of a degree. The value kicks around between, say, -24.9 and -25.1 and throws off the alpha order of the files during processing but no biggie,


That’s reasonable… if there is not a strong disagreement, we can probably just round it.

Thanks for considering ti Ken…I know you have bigger issues to attack.

Some (like this one are truly simple… just a couple minutes). Others might seem simple, but require more time than you might expect.

I’ll go with the consensus.

What camera is this please ? I have a Moravian G3-16200 and I’m seeing exactly the same fluctuation.

It’s an SBIG camera with a single stage cooler so fluctuations of a couple of tenth’s of a degree are normal in mine. If the Moravian has two stage cooling I would expect tighter temperature control. Someone on the list should be able to tell you what is normal for yours.

Why don’t you just change the naming tokens to something like this:

Since the sorting process looks first at the frame number (%fn) before the camera temperature (%ct) the files should be sorted in order.

I also have the G3-16200 and the temp does fluctuate by 2-3 tenths of a degree, but the sorting stays in numerical order based on the frame number.

That actually makes a whole lot of sense Joel…senior moment…thanks.