File Saving Issues

So I am a newbie with sgp. I have been trying to use prism, which is a great but complex program but for now I will let it rest until I can understand its settings better. Anyway, took some pics with sap of m42 to get a feel (more user friendly) and saved the pics to folder on the desktop (win10). When I went to open them they were saved under prism? The save directory is: this pc>desktop>m42>light. When i select it prism opens first then the pic? Any help would be appreciated. I have a asi1600mm pro. Thanks.

Joe in Mobile

I don’t know Prism, but were they actually saved with a Prism file extension or is your Windows system configured to open image files with Prism as default ??

If the latter, then you can re-set it by right clicking on a image, and selecting “Open With…” which will bring up a dialog window, with installed applications. You just need to select the one you want, and put a tick in the “Always use this app to open…”

Thanks, worked like a charm. Wonder why it did that? Anyway, thanks for the help and how to solve the issue.

Joe in Mobile