Filter icons for photometric filters

I suggest that whenever the following filters names are entered into the filter wheel dialog, in addition to Lum, Red, green ,Blue …the following photometric filters (U, B, V, R, I) are recognized by the appropriate filter color identification icon (instead of having N/A).

I have to use the id of the filter as V (V-band) and not as ‘green’ as this is not recognizable by scientific software through the FITS header. As a consequence, the icon I get on the module is listed as N/A instead of the appropriate ‘green’ filter id.

I suggest that a feature is added that whenever a photometric filter is selected from the list below , the filter icon displays the following color ID’s:
U - Purple
B - Blue
V - Green
R - Red
I - Dark red (I stands for Infra-Red)

I could not identify anywhere on SGP if it is possible to assign filter names to colors. I do understand that this feature is just of aesthetic nature, but this ensures that the observer does not employ the wrong filter.


MPC171 Flarestar Observatory

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A related feature to this would be to have the suffix auto-populate with the specified filter name. I manually have to type it in when I select a photometric filter.


Actually, we will probably remove ALL automatic filter name population into the suffix field as it now serves no real purpose. Suffix only has use in the naming of image files. If you want the filter name in your files, just use %fn. You can literally name your filter “U-Purple”, “U”, or just “Purple”… there are no restrictions on filter names. Suffix is now for reserved for things custom things that SGPro cannot really know about.