Filter Wheel disconnects

I have a working windows 7 laptop and am replacing with a windows 10 PC. Laptop works just fine, but it’s rather old. I can get all devices working on the new PC, but not the filterwheel (SX Maxi with 9 filter slots). It will connect, and sometimes move to another filter slot, but mostly it does not, and when it fails, SGP disconnects, and it wont let me reconnect without restarting the wheel and SGP.

All software, drivers, firmware and ASCOM are the latest versions.

I have done all the usual cable and hub swaps, even direct connect to the PC USB, it’s not that, as it all works just fine under windows 7 on the old laptop. I think it’s a driver issue or a timing issue, perhaps the PC is too fast?

Can you take a look at the log, perhaps you can determine where the problems lies.

Thank you,


Log file here: