Filter wheel QHYCCDCFW3 doesn`t connect

Recently I have change my camera QHYCCD163M that works perfectly fine with the filter wheel QHYCCDCFW3 between the 4 pin cable.
I change the camera to QHYCCD268M and I cannot fix the filter wheel. SGP always said that there cannot found the filter wheel.
I have the great help of QHYCCD support Mr.Cha by remote connection and the filter wheel works fine, even we launch the application of EZCAP_QT 64 and when you charge the camera the filter works perfectly but in SGP doesn´t want.
Eventually I install “all in one” and also the “4 pin driver” but nothing.
Would you mind help me?

Have the same problem. Would be interested in a resolution.

Can you see the filter wheel in ASCOM? That is what SGP will use to communicate with it. The QHY drivers are notoriously touchy, and it took me a couple of sessions to get everything working properly (camera / filter wheel / autoguider).

Here are the steps that I zeroed in on to get everything working.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t highlight what I did to get the filter wheel working. But I used the same ASCOM Diagnostics tool to properly configure it. And, I did need to restart the computer after configuring each item in the ASCOM platform.

Thank you for the message!
This source of problems the look me incredible, a waste of time, headaches… many drivers jumping from the computer, many tests, more tests, the window quite near to throw the laptop…

I tried the Ascom simulator Devices but It doesn’t work with the filter wheel.
I’m really upset with this problem.
Well if I cannot resolve it I will jump to NINA or Voyager much to my regret

I use QHY camera’s and filterwheels with SGP, without issue.
SGP is different to some other applications, including EZcap and NINA, in that it depends on ASCOM. If the ASCOM drivers are not working, SGP will not either. NINA has a mixture of dedicated drivers that operate directly with SDK as well as ASCOM drivers for QHY. You will have the same issue with NINA, using its ASCOM device selection.
EZCap works directly with its low level driver as this is a QHY application. When you have an application with a direct driver, you are at the mercy of every driver change. That is find for QHY for their own camera, but for an application that interfaces to hundreds of different devices, multiplied by new releases, you have mission impossible.

There has been a good deal of activity with new releases for QHY drivers, including different drivers for 32- and 64-bit. Install the latest all-in-one beta version. When it comes to the ASCOM installation, this installer gives you the option to install the 32-bit version.If you are using 32-bit SGP, fine, if you are using the 64-bit beta, you need to additionally go into the QHY folder and install the 64-bit ASCOM driver. You also need to make sure you ticked the 4-pin filter driver during the all-in-one installer and also should check that your filterwheel is still in the right mode. The LED should glow green after cycling through the filters at power up.

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